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Valley watertighness



Valleys, on roof, are critical areas. Being located at the junction of two roofs, it is vulnerable to the water flows of two different roofs. An insurance company survey about roof leakages revealed that 30% of roof leakages originated from the valley areas. Hence, it is very important to treat this area carefully with the right products and methods.
MONIER has developed an aluminium-based metal valley sheet that, not only, protects your roof from leakages but also improves significantly the aesthetic of your roof. Traditional treatments,with layers of mortar, are often not aesthticlly pleasing, and are underperforming. (see picture)

For these particular areas where the roof tiles end and a gap usually appears between the last tiles and the wall, MONIER has developed a specific item of high quality .


Dimension of sheets

1.2m X 0.4m.


available in orange and black to match roof colors.


high quality aluminium with stove enameling Three pre-bending lines for easier laying on roofs.

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